10 Surprising Ways to Maximize Your Immunity

Even without a Covid -19 pandemic, your immune systems has a big job to do fighting off germs, environmental toxins, and other threats. Wouldn’t you like to give it a hand to make its work easier?

A poor immune system can leave you more vulnerable to illnesses like Covid -19 and the common cold and flu, it can even contribute to the development of cancer and other serious diseases.

Replacing bad habits with healthy habits can bolster the strength end effectiveness of your immune system.

Immunity Boosters You can Work On At Home

1. Laugh.

Laughing is great for you. It decreases the level of stress hormones in your body. It also increases a specific type of white blood cell. Even the anticipation of experiencing something humorous has a very positive effect on the immune system. So watch those funny YouTube fail videos! Read bad jokes and share them. I know with a pandemic it may seem inappropriate to joke and laugh, but it’s actually good for everyone so try to keep it up!

2. Exercise.

Moderate exercise of only 30 minutes a day increases several factors in the immune system. The most important of these is your leukocyte count. These are the cells that fight infection.

That said – Avoid overtraining. Daily exercise strengthens your body, but overdoing it can leave you weaker than when you started. Set aside adequate time for rest and sleep. Cut back if your energy level is chronically low.

3. Bask in the sun.

Hold onto your sunscreen to protect you from skin cancer and premature aging, but small amounts of sunlight will give you the vitamin D you need for healing.

4. Listen to music.

Losing yourself in music is a constructive way to manage stress than can otherwise undermine your immune system. Pop on some of your favourite tunes daily.

5. Reduce noise.

On the other hand, unpleasant background noises can compound daily stress. Keep your earbuds handy to block out car alarms and talking traffic signals.

6. Watch your diet.

Excess sugar consumption has a negative effect on immune system’s effectiveness when dealing with bacteria. This effect can be seen after the consumption of as little as 75 grams of sugar and continues for at least a few hours.

On the other hand, foods that are high in antioxidants and other nutrients boost the immune system. The best way to get all of these nutrients is by eating fruits and vegetables. Ideally, fill at least half your plate with vegetables.

7. Avoid social isolation.

A strong social network is a great boost to both your mental and physical health. Your immune system is especially affected.

Those with strong social connections and many close friends have a higher level of immunity than those that feel socially isolated.

The feeling of loneliness can actually affect the way genes behave. Even if you can’t go out and socialize normally at the moment, stay in close contact with friends and family, it will help so just do your best. Even online gaming can help reduce feelings of isolation.

8. Get enough sleep.

Most adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep to maintain good health. A lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of getting sick.

Insomnia can increase inflammation in the body, which inhibits your immune system’s responsiveness.

9. Practice relaxation techniques.

Since chronic stress decreases immune system function, learning relaxation techniques will help return your immune system to healthy state.

Experiments have shown that regular meditation has a positive impact on your immune system.

10. Think positive.

A cheerful attitude is one of the best defenses against illness. Plus, even if you feel under the weather, patience will lessen your discomfort.

Boosting your immune system is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It has a significant impact on longevity. Consider how many people die from the flu and other common ailments, especially as they age and their immune system function decreases.

You’ll also notice that these tips will enhance your overall well-being, as well as helping your immune system. Eating better, sleeping more, exercising, and relaxing will make you feel better every day. You’re going to like the way you feel!

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