Daily Weight Check in’s, Yo-Yo Dieting, and Constant Self Disappointment. This was my life…

Before my 18th birthday, I’d been on my first diet. Despite being active and eating mostly healthy foods, my weight was all over the place – mostly up..

For over two decades, I was never happy with my appearance even though I appeared to be confident.

At one point in my life, I felt like I was in a vicious, never-ending losing battle with my eating habits, my exercise schedule, and trying to lose weight. I kept hoping that “tomorrow” would be a better day to start, but it never really was.

As I got older, I would wake up tired and dull, never achieving the vibrancy and shine that most other women seemed to have. No matter what I did, my body just didn’t feel like mine.

I just couldn’t turn it around. I was just not getting anywhere, and because of that – fatigue happened, anxiety, stress, and depression happened, well DUH! I wasn’t happy with myself. Ever been there?

I eventually came to the beautiful but painful realization: I’d deprived myself. I was denying myself. I was like a caged bird in a cage of my own making…And I needed to eat every single time I was stressed or deprived of my definition of happiness (which was totally wrong by the way).


I live a healthy, balanced, vibrant life that allows me to feel better than I have in years, have a thriving social life, and actually love the food I eat in a non-restrictive way. I have found the healthy relationship with food I so desperately wanted.

Hello, I’m Tasha!

I’m​ Tasha Wilson, a certified ​Mental ​Wellness Coach and expert in the field of weight loss and transformation. I help people using a simple, step-by-step solution that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit so you can lose weight, increase your energy, and live a life filled with ​happiness!

​My education and training are from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition®. When ​I’m not helping ​people find their balance and work WITH their bodies, you can find me watching a movie with ​my husband and two kids, walking our dog, checking out the local coffee shop, and trying new balanced (healthy but EASY!) recipes at home.

Your Happy Version of You is Waiting Within You!

I have worked with hundreds of women just like you to feel better and look better as they gain control over their health and fitness.

It is possible to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle in today’s busy world; I can’t wait to help show you how.

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