Clean Eating Food Swaps to Make Your Life Easier

The clean eating diet is more of a lifestyle than a diet, as it is something you can stick with for the rest of your life. There are many ways to eat cleanly, from skipping dairy to going vegetarian or even vegan.

To simplify the process in the beginning, it helps to know what foods you eat now that you are replacing with cleaner versions. Here are some simple clean eating food swaps to keep in mind.

Fruit Instead of Juice

If you love to have your fruit juice, it is time to switch it up and have just regular fresh fruit instead.

Selection of Fruit

You get to go right to the source of your favourite juice, whether it is oranges or apples, having all that yummy and nutritious fruit “juice” without the added sugars and preservatives.

You can also juice yourself with various fruits and vegetables for a much cleaner option.

Cauliflower Instead of Rice or Potatoes

If you have been enjoying white rice or white potatoes, you will need a good alternative while eating clean.

While rice and potatoes in general are not bad for you, they do tend to be starchy or processed (like the white rice), so are not the cleanest option. Cauliflower can replace both, whether you create mashed potatoes or use cauliflower to make rice. It is lower in carbs and a clean option.

Hummus Instead of Mayo

When you are making a sandwich and are used to mayonnaise, switch to hummus instead. Hummus will still provide that mayo-like element, whether you need the veggies to stick to the bread or you simply want another flavor component inside your pita bread.


Mayonnaise is filed with fat and calories and has barely any nutrients, while hummus is made from chickpeas and other natural ingredients. As always, check the label before choosing what hummus is the cleanest option, or make your own.

Greek Yoghurt Instead of Flavoured

While fruit-flavoured yoghurt is delicious, it isn’t clean when you consider all those ingredients and additives used.

You don’t want anything with artificial colours or flavours, which most flavoured yoghurt contains. Instead, get a tub of plain Greek yoghurt and add in your own fruit, granola, honey, and other natural flavours that make it delicious.

Vinaigrette Instead of Dressing

Finally, if you like your salads with bottled dressing, you will notice a lot of ingredients on the back of those bottles that are not clean. Instead, make your own vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, and any seasonings you enjoy.

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