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Understanding your emotional connections to food is the first step to overcoming them.

We all face unique challenges that are specific to our life, including what we put in our body, how our body processes those items, and our environment. However, there are also common areas of overlap that hinder us all from living and feeling our absolute best.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” –  Virginia Woolf


Why are you here, scouring the internet to find ways to finally get a handle on your eating habits?

  • Are you a new mum who is trying to balance your life after your new baby, but can’t seem to shake the post-baby blues with your current eating habits?
  • Someone who has battled your body and yo-yo dieting as long as you can remember?
  • Or maybe you didn’t even notice the extra weight gain since last year, but now you can’t unnotice those extra kgs.

No matter your reason for being here, knowing it is important.

What do you need?

  • Are you the mum who wants to have the energy to play with her kids instead of feeling rundown and anything but sexy?
  • Maybe you just want to be able to prepare healthy meals for yourself and feel energized and vibrant.
  • Perhaps you are worried about your up and down weight in relation to your emotional health, and want to learn how to balance food and emotions.

Identify your reason why and hold it near. It even helps to write it down or store it in your phone. This is where we start working together. We dig deep into your why to work out the HOW!


With everyone so connected on the internet, it seems that everyone is the expert.

Eating is so closely tied to our social life, our health, and our emotional health. As factory farming made food more readily available, eating became a social activity. Think of the last time you went out with friends when it did not revolve around food. Now, food is even one of the most commonly photographed things on Instagram! No wonder it feels as if we are fighting a losing battle. Without the proper tools in our arsenal, we are.

What many don’t realize is that food can also be the unspeakable thing we don’t talk about. Food can feel dirty, shameful, and sad, but it doesn’t have to feel this way.

Food is life, but there does need to be a balanced approach to how you look AND more importantly, feel your best.

Knowing that you are receiving credible information is of the upmost importance!

What works for one person, who by the way is completely different than you, will not work the same way for you. Not only is it inefficient to do what someone else is doing without supervision, but it can also be dangerous!

We only get one body in this lifetime so we should care for it well.

My programs and support are designed to help YOU find your Wellness Blueprint, because we are all unique. I’m a certified health coach, and I’ve helped countless women take a balanced approach with their health and wellness.

Stop feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and lethargic— start being the envy of your past self!

Your body needs you and you need your body!

“I never knew I could feel this good! I’ve always been a worrying, nervous Nelly, and I realised after this program that I needed to get my head in gear. I needed a whole new mindset to ditch the worry for good. It worked! I feel better than I ever have! I followed everything you suggested, I lost weight, increased my energy, and I feel amazing – inside and out!” – Crystal