Did you know that exercise alone isn’t a great weight loss technique? Yet people quite often try using just exercise to lose weight without improving their diet.

This video below explains why this isn’t an ideal approach.

We watch TV shows like the Biggest Loser and witness the poor sods slaving away on a treadmill and being yelled at by a personal trainer and it makes for entertaining TV…but it also makes us believe that in order to lose weight we need to be doing a lot of exercise.

What they don’t show on the TV is that behind the scenes they are strictly counting calories, or eating very clean and meticulously watching their portion sizes. (They also don’t show that the contestants have gone through rigorous health testing before they start and the ambulance on standby for when they collapse or injure themselves).

Personally, I once took up running in a bid to lose weight and fractured my right foot and ended up in a moonboot, so that worked out well, didn’t it?

Exercise is really (normally!) great for you physically and mentally, but if weight loss is your end goal, exercise alone is a hard way and the long way to go about it.

Eat clean and train mean! Tash xo

Exercise is not a weight loss tool like we’ve been lead to believe

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