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How Stress Weakens Your Immune System


Just like police try to protect us from wrongdoers, our immune system protects us from microbial intruders.

There are thousands of harmful invaders that try to attack our bodies in multiple ways. Our immune system constantly fights with these infectious bacteria and viruses and assures our healthy wellbeing.

The presence of lymphocytes and phagocytes in our immune system fight with these bacteria and viruses and protect us. However, how does our immune system protect us if the invaders are not bacteria or viruses, but stress?

How Stress Affects the Immune System

When a person is stressed out, a stress-causing hormone called cortisol increases in the body. This hormone enters into our immune system and reduces the number of lymphocytes and phagocytes.

When the lymphocytes and phagocytes reduce in number, the invaders find their way to attack our immune system. In this way, the presence of stress weakens our immune system and makes us prone to several diseases or health issues.

Signs of a Weaker Immune System

When the immune system of a person weakens, his immunity to fight infectious diseases reduces. As a result, you may observe the following signs.

  • You start catching a cold, flu, and cough easily.
  • Your body has swollen lymph nodes.
  • You may suffer through frequent cold sores.
  • There are higher chances of digestive issues.



How to Boost Your Immunity and Manage Stress

Here are some of the simplest tips and techniques to boost your immunity and manage your stress or anxiety.

 Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

The best way to strengthen your immunity and to say goodbye to stress is to start eating healthy and nutritious foods. The healthier you eat, the stronger you will be.

Eating healthy and nutritious food means consuming organic foods and a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Along with it, avoid taking fast food, junk food, and any type of packaged and processed foods. The reason is that all of these foods contain preservatives, excessive cholesterol, unhealthy fatty acids, and many other harmful ingredients. All of these not only lead to several serious health issues but also increases your stress through the lack of proper nutrition.

Always focus on healthy and clean eating to combat stress and a weaker immune system.

Drink plenty of water.

Similarly, drink plenty of water because it helps in filtering and cleansing your blood from harmful and toxic agents.

When your blood is purified, the performance of your immune system will increase. At the same time, drinking more and more water results in diluting the blood to boost its supply to every little organ of the body. As a result, when your brain cells receive a good supply of oxygenated blood, your mental health improves, and your stress level decreases.

Increase your physical activity.

No one can deny the importance of physical activity in one's life. Physical activity is important for not only boosting one's immunity or combating stress but for every other purpose.

It is not wrong to say that an increase in physical activity is the best treatment for every type of health issue.

When you engage yourself in increased physical activity, it results in flushing out harmful microbials from your airways as well as lungs. In this way, it helps in boosting your immune system and enhances its performance.

Sleep well and on time.

The most prevalent cause of stress and the weaker immune system is poor sleeping habits. If you want to combat your stress and strengthen your body’s immunity, you must manage your sleep routine.

Make sure to sleep well and for at least 8 hours at night so that you can wake up fresh and energized. This will help you in reducing your stress level to the minimum while improving your immunity to fight against diseases.

Practice yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation are the most effective and powerful therapies for boosting your immunity and managing your stress. A great majority of people have been doing these practices for ages and highlight positive results.

Similarly, the available research studies depict the benefits of yoga and meditation in combating stress and boosting immunity. So, try these two and enjoy their amazing health benefits along with improving your mental wellbeing.

Take supplements.

There are many supplements that you may take to improve your immunity and manage your stress. For example, vitamin B complex and vitamin D supplements are great for combating stress and depression. Similarly, vitamin B and vitamin C supplements are the most powerful agents for boosting one’s immunity to the maximum level.

You can get an extensive variety of supplements but make sure to choose the right ones for you by speaking to your doctor. Also, read the dosage instructions before you take any supplements to get the full benefits.



There is a direct relationship between stress and our immune system.

When stress increases, it negatively affects our immune system and weakens our immunity to fight against diseases. To combat this issue, it is important to adopt ways to boost immunity and manage stress.

Some of the highly effective ways to do so have been discussed in this post. By following them, you will be able to enjoy stronger immunity with good control of your stress.


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