The Self-Love Course

Give yourself the gift of complete acceptance and love for the #1 person in your life.

You 💖

Even if you’ve never given yourself an ounce of grace before, self-love is a skill that can nurture you and your relationships on the deepest levels.

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We all want more love in our lives. 🌟

We long to feel cherished, seen, and safe in the world. Often we end up seeking love outside of ourselves, but unfortunately, it's an endless search that takes us away from who we are and leaves us feeling like something is perpetually missing.

I know how it feels to look for love outside of yourself and realize that no matter what external validation you get, nothing can make up for the fact that you don't feel complete inside.

Love is the foundation that everything else is built on, but if you don't learn how to love yourself first, you'll never be able to truly experience love from others.

You already know what I mean...

  • Compliments make you feel awkward. 😳
  • You apologize for way more than you should. 🙇‍♀️
  • Doing anything for yourself makes you feel guilty. 😔
  • You're constantly worried about how others perceive you. 🤔

It's exhausting living under the weight of your own criticism of everything you do. 😫

It doesn't have to be that way though. 😊

No matter how hard you have been on yourself over the years, no matter how far you feel like you’ve fallen or how undeserving you feel…

You are never too broken to restore your relationship with yourself. 🌈



The Self-Love Course 💕

A self-paced online coaching experience in rediscovering how to truly and unconditionally love and accept the beautiful, quirky, and amazing soul that makes you who you are.


Instant Access - Just $47


Peel back the layers of the self and discover who you are underneath everything life has pushed on you over the years.

Develop habits for nourishing yourself, creating a personal vision for your life, and building self-confidence.

Become completely undone by your own amazing qualities and perfect imperfectness.

When you join The Self-Love Course, you get access to everything you need to have a deep and meaningful experience that will help you transform your relationship with yourself.

  • 8 In-depth modules with video lessons that get to the core of your sense of self and how to develop a loving and strong relationship that will give you strength and purpose through the toughest and greatest times in your life (value - $47 each).
  • A knowledge-packed workbook to guide you through each step and module of the program with introspective activities to help you dig deeper into your self-discovery (value - $47)
  • Kick-off and wrap-up sessions to make sure you start and end your course with clarity and confidence in what you are learning and walking away with. (value - $47)


 Course Modules: 🧩

You will master all the core concepts of understanding, developing, and maintaining a strong sense of self and self-love.

In every module, you'll work on one piece of your Self Love puzzle with a different module that unpacks and clarifies each piece.

  • Module 1: Finding The Self - The concept of the “self” has been around since the dawn of time and is represented differently through culture and religion. In this module we will uncover and clarify what the "self" means to you.
  • Module 2: Self-Love and The Shadow - Shadow work and learning how to accept the darker sides of yourself is a challenging concept to accept let alone work on but it is also the most powerful part of the restoration process. In this module we are going to dig into shadow work and how to start peeling your layers.
  • Module 3: Building Self-Love - Building self-love always begins with purification and what that looks like depends on who you are and what you believe. In this module I am going to lay the framework for self-love and purification to begin the journey of getting to know yourself again.
  • Module 4: Alternative Self-Love Strategies - Developing a strong relationship with yourself is not a one size fits all approach. Different strategies work with different people. In this module we will explore several different ways self-love can be expressed and how to find your style.
  • Module 5: The Complexity and Psychology of Self-Esteem - It can be tricky to gauge your self-esteem since it is dependent on your state of mind. So creating a solid foundation and view of yourself requires unpacking a deeper understanding. In this module we will dive into your self-esteem and what it takes to keep it healthy.
  • Module 6: Mastering Thoughts and Emotions - Your thoughts and emotions change as quickly as the tide and can cause you to make decisions that can impact your entire life. Sometimes you need a more objective view to make the decision that is right for you- despite how you feel. In this module we will be developing a game plan for mastering this approach.
  • Module 7: The Power of Habits - A real change comes from consistent action and habits that support that consistency. Getting into the habit of regular self-love and care rituals can be hard with all the other things you have on your schedule. In this module I will be helping you organize and prioritize self-love and care habits that will give you lifelong transformation.
  • Module 8: Creative Ways to Boost Self-Love - Our last module is focused on making sure you have the tools you need to stand firm in your new truth and proclamation of self-love no matter what curveballs life throws your way. In this module we will close out the course by learning several creative ways to boost self-love so you can walk away confident in your abilities.



"This course changed my life! I never knew how important self-love was until I took this course. It has transformed my relationship with myself and others." - Diane

"I highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with self-esteem issues. The modules are well-structured and the support is amazing." - Joanne

"The Self-Love Course helped me discover my true self and embrace who I am. I feel more confident and happy than ever before." - Sarah

"The tools and techniques I learned in this course are invaluable. I've made significant progress in my personal growth journey." - Emily


About Me 
Tasha Wilson

Hi, I’m Tasha Wilson. If you met me several years ago, you wouldn't even recognize me. I was caught in a cycle of drinking and unhealthy eating, trying to find happiness but not realizing that wasn't the answer. I neglected my own well-being and sought comfort in habits that only made me feel worse. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I felt unworthy of love and acceptance.

One day, I realized that this path wasn't sustainable, and it was time to make a change. I decided to prioritize my health and well-being. The journey wasn't easy, and there were many setbacks, but over time, I discovered a new sense of peace and purpose.

Now, my life is a testament to the power of self-love and transformation. The best part is that I get to help women who are in similar situations find their own worth and value from within. Through my experiences, I aim to inspire and support others on their journey to a healthier, happier life.

My goal and my passion are to plant the seed of love in the hearts of every woman who has ever felt less than deserving- and if any of this touched a chord…

I hope you will join me in….

The Self-Love Course - A self-paced online coaching experience in rediscovering how to truly and unconditionally love and accept the beautiful, quirky, and amazing soul that makes you who you are.

  • 8 Modules of training with video sessions
  • An In-depth digital workbook
  • Lifetime access to the materials

A Total Value of:$470

But You’ll Only Pay $47 When You Join Today

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Frequently Asked Questions ❓

3 Modules

Introduction & Workbook

What to expect video intro, plus download the workbook that walks you through developing the thoughts based on the lessons we dive into.

Self-Love Course Wrap Up

Wrap-up session to make sure you end your course with clarity and confidence in what you are learning and walking away with.

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